This is my brother Andy Jr. he was injured January 14th 2007, he was outside on a 16 degree night, visiting with friends looking on an abandoned property, for interesting things that others discarded, with the thoughts:

 One persons trash is another's treasures

He spent most of the night, exploring, he felt cold, but his interests were more than his common sense, and he was unlucky enough to have things go horribly wrong.

He ended up with frostbite, severe 3rd degree frostbite on his hands, and 2nd degree frostbite on his feet, he also has lost the sight in his left eye.

here are some progressive pictures of my brother,  no early pictures of his feet are available, due to the fact that they were only slightly red, and we didn't think that his feet were a problem at first.

In the above pictures shows his hands.. and his blind left eye. taken January 15th, all the scratches are from pushing his way threw thorn bushes, trying to make it to the road in an attempt to get home, due to hypothermia, the fact that he has lost his boots in the muck, had let himself get so cold that his body functions were slowing down, so because of all that, and not thinking right by that point, when he made it to the side of the road, he laid on the ground and rested, when he should have pushed on towards home,  he laid there for an indeterminate amount of time, until a passerby drove by and saw him, stopped and helped walk him the remaining 200 feet to his trailer, by then it was too late.


The above pictures shows the progression taken on January 18th 2007 at Valley Medical Center Near Renton Washington, at Renton, we were told that his kidneys were having serious problems, they weren't functioning properly, where a normal kidney test reading should be is 200, Andy's kidney test results showed 90,000 and that really stressed us out, he could loose total kidney function, as time went by, a second test showed 70,000 and a third test showed 50,000 and the last test that I know the results to it had lowered to 5,400 and that is a real relief, his body is trying to deal with the tissue degrading, his kidneys aren't the most serious issue at this point now, his heart also shows distress, but its on the back burner, if he gets infection, is our biggest concern, he could still die from that.


The above pictures were taken January 20th at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, The swelling has dramatically increased in his feet, and that's a concern,  Infection is the Major fear,  the tests show that his right hand, Swollen at the knuckles are infected, internally, and the prognosis is that they will have to remove that hand,  further testing is underway,  on the other hand and the feet, and he still has no usable sight in his left eye, it only can see outlines of objects, brightness and darkness.


Great news today, 1-22-2007 Harborview said he doesn't have an infection, not even in his right hand, so there not going to amputate anything, but he still will loose some fingers and some toes,  and no sight in his left eye, and there is still a worry about infection, but as long as its not there, then nature can repair some tissue, and loose less.. it still will be a long road to heal some, and things will never be the same,  but at least there's more hope..

Today is 1-24-2007, Wednesday,  above are today's pictures, well we now have Andy Jr. at our house, he is out of the hospital,  there will be LOTS of healing to do, I do not have pictures of his feet today, I didn't want to unwrap them, as for his hands and eye,  I did get these new pictures, as you can see his left eye is slowly clearing up, he see's fuzzy things, we don't know what his sight will be yet, but we do know its improving, as for his feet,  when I do take pictures, maybe tomorrow,  they will be gross pictures, they are UGLY, hunks of skin are coming off, and its seeping horribly, we have a great concern that he keeps it clean so no infection sets in, he has been on antibiotics until today, he is in a lot of pain, and horribly temperature sensitive, as you can see, his fingers look horrible too, time will tell what will fall off and what will heal, any of these pictures you can right click and do a "Save As" and be able to save them to your computer to look at the Large pictures close up.

P.S. Andy is a pain in the tail, he never stops talking, and half of it is nonsense, it drives me up a wall, its going to be a LONG healing process, I will be happy when he can move out of my house ( and its only been one evening ) out to his trailer out back on my property..

below are more pictures taken 1-30-2007


Here are some pictures taken 1-30-2007, its looking Nasty.. and the Odor is horrid..

and below, Pictures taken 2-6-2007, you can see the progression of the area, it is also looking Nasty, I want to take him to the hospital again, but he doesn't want to go yet, he was back in Harborview for a checkup last Thursday, 2-1-2007 and they sent him on his way, with out enough pain pills, they think he is taking too many, but you should see the pain he is in, its Awful, I think they Just don't want to waste hospital funds on him, since he doesn't have money to pay for all this, and they can blame it on that he took too many pills for the time span, if they were going threw this, I think their tone would change a LOT!.

Another Update,  today is 1-10-2007, Andy wasn't drinking enough fluids, nor eating enough food,  I could see that, I made him come in the house and wash up his feet, he was pretty uncooperative, he seemed really scatter brained,  he has been battling with major depression, anyone would in his shoes,  well I took his temp because he was complaining it was cold, and I felt him and he felt really HOT,  his temp was 103.7,  I asked my sister to drive him to the hospital, since its a real problem getting him in my Geo Metro,  I wrapped his feet in garbage sacks, as to not have to SMELL the rotting flesh on his feet, you can't imagine the smell, its horrible, too much of a whiff and you just Puke, right where you are,  we got him to the hospital, (Tacoma General Hospital) and sure enough, he was dehydrated, (not for lack of availability, we kept water with him at all times) and he is losing weight, not for lack of food, we kept food in front of him too,  he just wasn't eating or drinking well, due to the pain to move around, and the depression, his white blood count is 30,000 and is supposed to be 10,000.   they put him on IV antibiotics, looked at his wounds, and sent him back to Harborview, we will see how things turn out, everything is expected to be Ok,  its just another bump in the road to healing, it could have gotten way worse if I hadn't insisted on taking him in to the hospital,  UGH this is all hard on me, I am so stressed,  and I catch myself being short to my family members and friends, I don't need to do that..

Here are some pictures taken today 1-10-2007  (below)

You Just can't Imagine the Smell!!

2-15-2007 Another Update, Andy is still in Harborview, he has been undergoing antibiotic IV's to keep down the infection, he now has had surgery on both his feet and his right hand, to remove the dead flesh, I have not seen what it looks like under the bandages, but I bet it doesn't look nice, he is in a lot of pain, but at least now he is on pain killers, while he is in the hospital, when I get a chance I will take more pictures, and keep everyone informed..  thanks.. for the prayers,

3-17-2007 More Update,  for the last few weeks, Andy has been in a rehabilitation facility, in Tacoma Washington, it will just take a long time to heal, and numerous surgeries from here on,  Andy thinks he is getting infection back in his feet, and he has an appointment at Harborview this Monday, so we will see if he is right, they have cut back a lot on pain killers, he is bitter for that, we will see what they say from Harborview,  I have not been able to get any new pictures, every time I go there to see him, he has fresh clean bandages on, and thus nothing to take pictures of,  they have not cut things off yet,  still needs more time to see what all is going to happen, I keep praying for him and I appreciate all prayers for him..    thanks all..   Sincerely Mike Dalsing.

Thanks for the prayers, Please keep them coming, he needs our help..

And my sanity will need prayers too...UGH!.

Please Lets all Pray for Andy Jr.

Latest Update 4-5-2007

This may be my last entry here, so everyone knows, Andy Jr. has wet gangrene in his feet, and probably his hands, he has decided "NOT" to let the doctors amputate his feet and hands, so the gangrene is going to kill him in a short period of time, if anyone wants to send him a letter, send me an e-mail and I will get it to him,   Prayers for him are also needed, I'm a wreck, so I don't plan on answering a lot of mail myself, but letters to my brother will be given to him.

Well, God gave us a miracle, My brother didn't die, he had horrible rotting wounds that never stopped draining,   until all the gangrene drained out of his wounds, even without antibiotics,  the doctors had given up, the odors were horrible to endure, this all has changed him mentally,

I'm really sad at times now, he isn't right in the head, his reality isn't what our reality is, he lives in his own little world now, and if I didn't let him stay on my property, we all would probably loose him or he would become a ward of the state, which is a challenge for me, I love him dearly but with his twisted look on everything, and how he chooses to live  stresses me to no end,  

I will write more later..    God has Mercy..   Prayers can be answered..   he is a walking miracle.. ( with walking aids, I.E. a Cane) 


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